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Factual and Metamarkets Partner to Combine Geo-Behavioral Data with Real-Time Auction Analytics

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Metamarkets, the leader in analytics for programmatic marketing. We are integrating Factual’s rich, global datasets into the Metamarkets platform in order to give mobile buyers and exchanges instant visibility into available inventory and campaign performance, integrated with Factual’s audiences and geographies.

Metamarkets will be utilizing Factual’s Geopulse Platform to deliver location-based audiences to media buyers and sellers. Exchanges such as MoPub at Twitter will be able to provide this audience-level insight into campaign performance allowing buyers to see the interaction an ad has with various geographic, behavioral, and retail segments.

This partnership between Factual and Metamarkets provides marketers and buyers a focused lens into campaign reach as well as the compositional makeup of users that can be found across multiple major supply sources. By adding Factual’s audience insights, which are based on interactions with the physical world, to Metamarkets’ exceptional platform, we can provide a very novel and powerful mobile ad solution.

Here is what Metamarkets had to say about this new partnership:

“Mobile is the fastest-growing segment of programmatic advertising,” said Mike Driscoll, Co-founder & CEO, Metamarkets. “A big part of that growth is from the revolution in location-based marketing pioneered by companies like Factual. By pairing Factual’s rich location and audience data with real-time market intelligence, we hope to give our clients unprecedented visibility into mobile audiences and to help them find the most productive ways to reach them.”

We also heard from StrikeAd, a partner that is utilizing this offering:

“For those of us on the forefront of mobile marketing, identifying and reaching audiences based on location is the promised land,” said Alex Rahaman, CEO of StrikeAd, a leading cross-device, programmatic buyer. “The Metamarkets-Factual partnership is building the analytics foundation to drive our mobile campaigns to even higher levels of success for our clients.”

Metamarkets helps the world’s top ad marketplaces operate at peak performance and share insights with their clients through providing real-time visibility into marketplace activity. With patented innovations in streaming data ingestion, storage, and visualization, the Metamarkets platform is built to handle the extreme scale and complexity of programmatic ad data. The company’s full-stack approach ensures the data is fresh, instantly available, and easily explored by business users and data scientists alike.