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Factual and Mitsui & Co. Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Location Data-Driven Offerings to Japan

As we continue our expansion into the Asia-Pacific (JAPAC) region, we’re thrilled to partner with Mitsui & Co. to bring our location data-based offerings to Japan. Mitsui will assist with the integration of our data into local programmatic ad buying, social and publisher platforms, and will drive adoption and usage of Factual’s products among Japan’s largest advertising agencies and corporations.

The Mitsui team has a deep understanding of the digital marketing industry in Japan and are experienced at introducing innovative data and technology companies to the Japanese market. Our existing global partnerships already extend into the region and, with Mitsui’s support, we will further develop its presence with local partnerships in Japan.

“We at Mitsui have long been strategic investors in companies within the international digital marketing industry, and Factual is among the best, most innovative global tech companies with which we have partnered. Mitsui will collaborate with Factual not only in Japan, but in the global market as well, as together we share and can reach our global affiliates and partners in diversified industries.” – Kiichiro Takanami, SVP of IT & Communication Business Div., Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc.

Factual expanded into JAPAC in 2018 after raising an additional $42 million. We now operate an office in Singapore, and this partnership with Mitsui will help us serve partners and customers within the more than $60 billion Japanese digital advertising market. Factual data is already available in the region via platforms including The Trade Desk, Google DV360 and MediaMath; with Mitsui’s support, we’ll be up and running within local Japanese platforms in 2020.

“There is an untapped opportunity for companies in Japan to incorporate location, and Factual is the right leader to help implement a location strategy across their businesses. Mitsui will support companies in understanding and engaging their customers to make more strategic business decisions by leveraging Factual’s location data and through partnership with our subsidiary Legoliss Inc, which offers consulting and support in building customer data platforms (CDP) to enhance data utilization.” – Takuya Sugiyama, Director of Digital Marketing Business Div., Mitsui

Japan has a history of innovation, and as one of the largest markets globally, we expect our Japanese business to drive revenue and product development over the coming years. To learn more about our location data and product availability in Japan, contact our team here.