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Factual and Qualcomm Labs Team Up to Enhance Location-Based Contextual Relevance

Mobile developers are increasingly focused on creating a personalized experience for their users. Leveraging location has become a valuable tool to provide context for this personalized experience, so we’re thrilled to announce our cooperation with Qualcomm Labs. This combination of Qualcomm Labs Gimbal™ context awareness platform and Factual’s location data platform will enable mobile developers to develop richer contextually aware applications from Gimbal’s on-device sensor fusion.

Gimbal enables mobile developers to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of modern smartphones, including location-awareness, to deliver timely, personalized, and relevant content to mobile users. Developers using Gimbal can now tap into Factual’s Global Places and Geopulse Context to derive further context from the location signals generated by Gimbal.  Likewise, Factual can now offer mobile developers on our location platform the opportunity to use Gimbal’s powerful location capabilities.

Qualcomm’s long history in developing chipsets for mobile devices gives them the engineering expertise to develop a platform that enables developers to access powerful sensor signals in a battery-friendly way. Their prowess with devices combined with the scale and quality of the location data generated by our real-time data stack will enable developers to build incredibly rich personalized experiences for their users.

-Bill Michels, VP of Product & Partnerships