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Factual Announces Data Enrichment for Brands to Enhance and Amplify Customer Data

Marketers today are increasingly expected to create sophisticated, personalized customer experiences while delivering better ROI. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our new product, Data Enrichment, designed to help marketers succeed on both fronts. Data Enrichment allows businesses to enrich first-party customer data with Factual’s high quality, real-world visitation data to better understand and engage their customers. With Data Enrichment, CMOs and other marketing decision makers can uncover deeper customer insights, enabling them to improve audience modeling based on real-world behavior, amplify data and analytics efforts, and ultimately make better data-driven decisions.

By associating first-party customer information with Factual’s location visitation data, Data Enrichment delivers location attributes as well as behavioral segments associated with a brand’s customers. For example, an auto retailer now has the ability to ingest Factual’s visitation data directly within their CRM and can, among other things, run a campaign aimed at recapturing auto intenders who have been seen at competitors’ dealerships.

“Data Enrichment gives marketers a huge advantage as they continue to seek ways to personalize the customer experience and make strategic, data-driven decisions. The ease with which Factual data can be incorporated into existing datasets and platforms enables marketers to seamlessly unlock deeper customer insights, based on real-world behaviors and activities, than they could access with first-party data alone. We are proud to be among the first to offer location-based data enrichment.” – Gil Elbaz, Founder and CEO, Factual

Marketers and teams working on CRM, data and analytics, and data innovation can derive benefits from Data Enrichment, including:

  • Improved Customer Analytics and Engagement
    • Create more unified customer profiles by using location data to fill the gaps between other forms of first-party data that may be sparse or disparate (demographics, purchase data, survey-based psychographics, etc.), resulting in a more representative, unified picture of a brand’s customers.
    • Improve customer analytics and derive more meaningful, real-world based insights that can be activated across all channels.
  • Enhanced Audience Modeling and Activation
    • Develop representative audience segments and customer models, demonstrate audience affinity, and enhance the value of web and advertising inventory through demonstrated real-world knowledge of customers.

Starting today, Data Enrichment can be accessed directly through Factual or through our Customer Data Platform (CDP) and data storage partners to allow streamlined importing and exporting of data within existing workflows. Daily visit feeds can be delivered directly to customers’ cloud storage or through one of Factual’s CDP partners, including mParticle.

“Factual’s Data Enrichment enables our customers to develop a comprehensive understanding of their consumers’ real-world behaviors and use that knowledge to enhance the customer experience. Location data can provide additional, critical context to mParticle’s persistent customer profiles in real-time, and we’re thrilled to offer seamless access to this data directly within our platform.” – Patrick Crosby, Head of Partner Solutions, mParticle

Global media companies, brands, and digital publishers are already using Data Enrichment to determine how to best engage their customers, demonstrate customer affinity across their portfolio for advertisers, and more.

Learn more about Data Enrichment here, or contact our team to get started!