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Factual Data Drives an Award Winning Campaign for BMW

It’s been proven time and again – location data leads to campaign effectiveness. Recently, we demonstrated the power of data in partnership with Universal McCann (UM) and Cadreon, through an award-winning marketing campaign for BMW.

In an homage to BMW’s brand positioning as the “Ultimate Driving Machine,” Cadreon and UM engineered the “Ultimate Data Machine”, integrating Factual’s measurement data to connect offline visitation data with online behaviors for a full-circle view of BMW’s audience.

UM, Cadreon and Factual have for several years partnered to deliver advanced and efficient location-based ad targeting on behalf of BMW. With the Ultimate Data Machine, the partnership evolved and expanded to bring a holistic measurement solution to BMW, allowing for an accurate and actionable understanding of how BMW media across all channels influences people to visit dealerships.

The campaign worked, and the industry has taken notice. The Ultimate Data Machine has been recognized across the awards circuit, taking home the following accolades:

Even after the awards ceremonies, the Ultimate Data Machine drives on, and we look forward to powering more innovative data-driven campaigns with BWM, UM and Cadreon.

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