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Factual to Provide Local Data for Facebook Places, SpatialMatch and MyTown

Factual is pleased to announce we’ve signed on two new partners, Home Junctionand Booyah, who will be accessing and contributing to our local datasets. In addition, we’re also delivering local data for Facebook Placesin the UK and Japan.

As you may already know, Factual recently launched local data for more than 14 million US businesses, and for millions of businesses in the UK, Japan, ItalyIndonesia, and Australia, and we plan to launch local data for other countries in the near future.

In the words of Factual’s CEO and Founder, Gil Elbaz: “This is very valuable data that has been difficult for developers and publishers to gain access to due to the cost and hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and license requirements — that is, until now. Factual wants to be the trusted source for location data and looks forward to expanding our list of partners in the future.”

Home Junctions’ SpatialMatchis an advanced geo-spatial lifestyle search platform for real estate agents, brokers, and Multiple Listing Service (MLS). As part of the partnership, Factual will provide Home Junction with US POI (points of interest) data and crowdsourcing tools to leverage the knowledge of real estate agents at the hyper-local neighborhood level to keep its location-based data fresh.

Booyah is the maker of the leading location-based social game MyTown, which has more than 3.7 million users. Booyah will use Factual’s local datasets for elements of the game in the US, UK and Australia, and will share user edits with Factual in order to help increase the overall quality of the datasets.

Developers can access our local datasets, as well as many others in a variety of categories, by going here.

Needless to say, we feel privileged to be working with such terrific companies, and look forward to announcing many more partners in the months to come.

– The Factual Team