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Factual + Ibotta: Partnering to Pair Location and Purchase Data for Targeting and Measurement

The amount of data available to marketers is staggering, and location data has emerged among the most valuable. Alone, location data greatly increases campaign effectiveness – more than 80% of marketers are seeing increased audience growth, response rates and more using location. Coupled intelligently with additional data, it becomes even more powerful, unlocking opportunities for advanced, nuanced audience targeting, insights and campaign measurement.

Knowing the benefits that layered data offers to brands and advertisers, we are excited to announce a new partnership with Ibotta, the leading mobile shopping app that offers cash rewards to consumers for their everyday purchases. Combining Ibotta’s extensive deterministic purchase data with Factual’s high-quality, real-time location data, the partnership will offer brands unique, joint audience targeting segments and measurement solutions.

Factual + Ibotta joint audience segments will be created for and used by marketers to reach a group of consumers who made a product purchase and visited a physical retail location, offering incredibly accurate targeting. These precise segments will allow marketers to target audiences with specific, relevant messages that lead to better campaign performance and conversions. Marketers will also have the ability to directly and deterministically measure the value of their campaigns, attributing exposed audiences to real-world, in-store behavior.

For example, a diaper brand sold in big-box stores will be able to reach the shoppers interested in their product, while excluding those shopping for the thousands of other items available in a large retail establishment. Further, the brand will also be able to identify the specific locations driving in-store purchases as a result of digital campaigns.

“Pairing Factual and Ibotta data allows advertisers to not only ensure they’re reaching a highly relevant consumer, but it also allows them to be more creative in how they develop their targeting criteria,” said Mike Dadlani, Vice President of Media & Data Partnerships at Ibotta. “This partnership with Factual is a natural step in our quest to revolutionize how retailers & brands allocate their marketing dollars and, ultimately, how they drive in-store sales and ROI.”

We are thrilled to bring these unique, nuanced targeting and measurement solutions to our brand and advertising partners. To learn more about how to you could benefit from Factual + Ibotta audience segments, reach out to our team of strategy experts.