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Factual in the New York Times

Factual featured on the front-page of the New York Times Business Section yesterday:
Just the Facts. Yes, All of Them

It provides a great overview of the company and our CEO Gil Elbaz. A few choice extracts:

“If all data was clear, a lot fewer people would subtract value from the world,” [Gil] says. “A lot more people would add value.” […]

Factual’s plan, outlined in a big orange room with a few tables and walled with whiteboards, is to build the world’s chief reference point for thousands of interconnected supercomputing clouds […]

Factual is meant for the heart of a great business of our age: using all the cloud-based data and algorithms to find patterns in nature and society, for scientists to observe and businesses to exploit […]

A restaurant chain […] might use Factual to figure out whether a new location is near the competition, and how the locals have talked about the place on Yelp, the social ratings site. Checking for gas stations near the restaurant can indicate how many cars come off the highway. The chain can also employ Factual to see where it is mentioned on the Web, or to correct what other people are saying about it […]

“I want to figure out a way,” he says, “to get people to leave their data to science.”

Many thanks to NYT writer Quentin Hardy for his interest in Factual and the problems we are looking to solve.

-Tyler Bell
Director, Factual Product