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Factual Integrates Location Engine SDK with Airship and Braze

Mobile internet usage is at an all time high – with nearly 80% penetration in the US alone and growing. The ability to reach mobile users with the right message, at the right time, gives brands today a powerful way to reach and engage  both new and existing users.

By tapping into the power of location, brands can use context to personalize experiences and interactions – delivering the most appropriate message at the ideal point in time.

To help leading brands tap into the power of location, we are excited to announce the integration of Factual’s Location Engine SDK with both Airship and Braze two leading mobile marketing and customer engagement platforms that help brands manage communications, streamline messaging and unify customer interactions across channels.

These new partnerships enable brands to deliver location-based, personalized, real-time messaging to grow, engage and interact with their customer base, while leveraging their first-party customer data.

Factual’s Location Engine SDK translates location signals into actionable location intelligence, such as “at a restaurant,” “at a pet shop,” “watching a movie,” or “at Friday night drinks.” This intelligence can then be used to create audience segments based on location patterns, enrich user profiles by adding location history to other data and trigger personalized app actions at the right moment. All of this can be done on-device so that brands can maintain user privacy and guidelines while driving deeper understanding and context to increase user engagement.

“Airship helps the world’s leading enterprises engage their customers in the moments that truly define their brands,” said Mike Stone, SVP of marketing at Airship. “Rich, real-time context like Factual’s location intelligence is crucial to ensure companies reach exactly the right person in exactly the right moment, in ways that build trust, boost engagement, drive action and grow value.”

Factual’s integration with customer engagement platforms is critical as brands work to utilize and activate their stores of first-party consumer data. Segmented push notifications have a higher open and engagement rate than those broadcast to all users, and Factual’s pre-built integrations make it easier than ever to activate location data intelligence, uncover deeper customer insights, and unlock ways to further personalize the app experience, simplifying the many steps in this process.

“By partnering with Factual, we’re continuing to advance a comprehensive, interconnected data ecosystem for our customers,” said Matt McRoberts, SVP of Alliances at Braze. “At Braze, we fundamentally believe data should be agile and experiences should be contextual and as such we’re excited to welcome Factual to our Braze Alloys partnership ecosystem.”

Access Factual’s Location Engine SDK data directly through Airship and Braze platforms for a turn key solution to incorporate location intelligence to your products and customer analytics.  To learn more about our integrations, please visit our developer documentation.

To learn more about the Factual Location Engine SDK, please contact us or sign up for a free evaluation.