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Factual Partners with EQ Works to Bring Industry-Leading Location Data and Mobile Ad Targeting to Canada

Factual is heading North! We are excited to announce our partnership with EQ Works (TSX: EQ), the first Canadian advertising company to work with Factual. With this partnership, EQ Works now brings to Canadian marketers the most advanced mobile audience data as part of its audience-targeting platform.

Improving the relevancy of every ad served to mobile users, our data identifies audiences based on locations they are near, retail chains visited in the past, and numerous behaviors including shopping, travel, dining, and entertainment preferences. EQ Works then tailors messages and serves the right mobile ad based on this context, making every mobile interaction more targeted, engaging and informative.

Advertisers can now deliver different ads to consumers based on how close they are to an electronics store, for example, or target people who have visited a car dealership in the last seven days. Advertisers can reach their most desired audience segments when they are at related places, or even at their competitors’ locations. This level of targeting is now possible in Canada, and changes the game for mobile marketers.

According to a recent study by eMarketer, by the end of this year mobile advertising in Canada will have grown 70 percent over last year to over $550 million, and is expected to grow to over $2 billion in 2018 (source: eMarketer, March 2014). More than ever, it is important to make mobile advertising more targeted and compelling for consumers, and this is precisely what EQ Works in now doing with Factual.

“Mobile advertising is exploding, and marketers can’t settle for mobile 1.0 solutions anymore,” said David Katz, EVP of EQ Works. “Our goal is to better interpret mobile interactions to help advertisers reach their audiences when and where they are most likely to engage with the message. Our mobile targeting platform enriched by Factual’s database allows us to do just that with meticulous detail.”

Our database includes information from over 65 million businesses and points of interest across 50 countries in 29 languages. More specifically in Canada, Factual has information on more than two million businesses and points of interest.

The additional context we derive from location aligns well with EQ Works’ data-driven audience-centric approach to mobile marketing. We’re thrilled to be partnering with EQ Works to bring these capabilities to the Canadian market.