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Factual Partners with Nexage to Accelerate the Availability of Audience Targeting Data in Mobile Advertising

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Nexage, the premium mobile programmatic marketplace. Demand Partners of Nexage and Factual will leverage our Geopulse Audience solution in order to provide enriched geo-behavioral targeting, enabling advertisers to better reach their desired audience.

Via Nexage Connect, Advertisers can now target mobile campaigns based on how users interact with the physical world. Over 275 segments will be made available at launch with more being added over time. Example behavioral information such as business traveler, in-market auto buyer, and quick service restaurant diner, as well as geographic information like zip code, and Brand Affinity targeting such as McDonald’s, Target, Home Depot, Toyota, Foot Locker and hundreds more Retail, Dining, Financial, Grocery and Automotive brands. Advertisers can choose any combination of these segments to build the precise audience that best fits their campaign.

To develop the audience segments, Geopulse Audience applies our extensive location data (including our Global Places data, which covers over 65 million local businesses and points of interest across 50 countries and additional contextual data about geographic areas) and deep data engineering along with machine learning expertise to the vast amount of location data running through Nexage Connect. By leveraging all of this, Geopulse Audience can better understand mobile user behavior and use this understanding to develop audience segments.

“Nexage has designed our platform to be the market’s most robust and advanced technology in mobile advertising because we understand that the strength of technology directly impacts our customers’ ability to do business and make money,” said Mark Connon, CRO & EVP of Corporate Development of Nexage. “Nexage Connect is another example of extending our platform and providing a powerful capability that enables our customers—both media buyers and publishers—to be more successful and manage their business how they want.”

Publishers running ad inventory through Nexage will benefit both from the increase in the value of their ad inventory driven by the audience segments as well as from the increase in relevance of the ads seen by their users. Nexage and Factual are also working together to bring Geopulse Audience analytics direct to Publishers. Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and Ad Networks connected to Nexage will benefit by being able to offer their advertisers enhanced targeting capabilities. Advertisers will benefit by increasing the effectiveness of their ad spend by being able to better reach their desired audience.

“Factual makes signals from location, one of the most important and unique value drivers in mobile, accessible to marketers,” said Bill Michels, SVP of Products and Partnerships at Factual. “Our audience segments based on location intelligence strengthens media buyers and advertisers’ ability to deliver more personalized content, and we’re excited about bringing this capability to Nexage, the leading mobile programmatic platform.”

– Glen Nigel Straub, Director, Business Development