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Factual Partners with Segment to Make Location Intelligence More Accessible

As time on mobile devices continues to increase and users expect tailored experiences, developers and advertisers need more ways to create personalized moments. Starting today, a new partnership between Factual and Segment makes personalization easy, using location data.

Factual’s Engine mobile SDK now integrates with Segment, enabling developers to better understand their users and create experiences personalized to them, using location data to analyze customer journey to uncover insights like where and when consumers engage with content and make purchases.

There are two primary ways to use Engine:
  1. Use the User Journey feature to understand where you users go in the real world, enabling you to create user segments and derive insights.
  2. Create nuanced targeting rules using the Circumstances feature, and trigger personalized app actions based on user location and time.


Together, Engine and Segment power tailored mobile and marketing experiences, including:

Send timely retail coupon offers

Understand where your users go before and after visiting your store, whether they also visit a competitor’s store, and the time of week and/or time of day of the store visits. Analyze when and where coupons would be most effective and push these offers at a time when the users are most likely to shop.

TOOLS NEEDED: Engine User Journey + Engine Circumstances + Push notification service such as Braze (formerly Appboy) and OneSignal via Segment

Personalize email marketing campaigns

Create personalized email campaigns by using Engine’s User Journey feature to understand where your users frequent and create user segments such as outdoor enthusiasts, luxury fashion shoppers and frequent travelers. Leverage these segments to inform personalized email marketing campaigns based on the user’s behavioral habits.

TOOLS NEEDED: Engine User Journey + Email tools such as Marketo and Responsys via Segment

Create tailored ad campaigns based on location visitation

Produce more effective retargeting campaigns based on where the user has been in the real world, not just the online world. Send Engine’s user journey data to an advertising platform such as Adwords and MediaMath to inform audience targeting.

TOOLS NEEDED: Engine User Journey + Advertising tools and platforms such as Adwords and MediaMath via Segment

Add location data to better understand customer purchasing behavior

Use Engine user journey data along with analytics tools to discover when and where users browse, and identify the cohorts likely to purchase.

TOOLS NEEDED: Engine User Journey + Analytics tools such as Amplitude or Kissmetrics via Segment

Get started today! Learn more about Engine and Segment.