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Factual Presents at UCLA

One of our great platform partners, The Trade Desk, approached me on behalf of shared client – Mike Margolin @ RPA, who teaches a Digital Advertising class at UCLA Extension and was looking for guest speakers a few weeks back. The opportunity was not only a great way to connect with students, but also allowed me to hear from potential advertising professionals. With location being a hot topic in advertising right now, I knew showcasing location data would provide a great learning experience.


It was refreshing to step outside the office — not only is UCLA a beautiful campus, but students are fresh eyes and ears I don’t normally encounter at industry events. The class was engaged, asked intelligent questions, and had a great understanding of the marketing and advertising ecosystem. I felt the same level of enthusiasm from them that I myself have, and I was proud to be representing Factual.

Although I was the presenter, the students left me with some great takeaways:

  • I was reminded of just how exciting marketing and advertising can be — whether we realize or not, it’s a huge part of our daily lives.
  • Data is vital to the ecosystem; location is relatable to everything and can solve many advertising challenges.
  • The students were very aware of how they’re targeted as consumers, which shows how important relevant ads are for campaigns.

While I love meeting with my clients and talking location data on a daily basis, I am grateful for having had the opportunity to teach students who will hopefully join our industry. A very big thank you to Meredith at The Trade Desk for thinking of me and for Mike for having me teach the class!

Photo credit: UCLA ©brent, flickr