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Factual and SimpleGeo Form Partnership on Places Data

Today we are announcing a strategic partnership with SimpleGeo to jointly create a more comprehensive location data infrastructure solution for developers and publishers. Through the partnership, SimpleGeo will incorporate Factual’s global places data into its Places API to make it even easier and more convenient to create web and mobile applications.

“Based on what developers have been asking for, it made a lot of sense for us to combine SimpleGeo’s expertise in location technology with Factual’s comprehensive Places data,” said Bill Michels, Factual’s VP of Platform. “Ultimately, we are providing more options for developers.”

“SimpleGeo’s goal is to provide developers with the highest quality tools and service for building their applications. Factual provides the highest quality data around locations. The combination is a win for developers,” said Rob Bailey, SimpleGeo’s VP of Business Development. “After all, when you have a high performance engine, you want to run off the highest quality fuel.”

By the end of July, SimpleGeo’s developers will have access to more than 30 million businesses and points of interests (POI) data across 45 countries. SimpleGeo will make its existing Places dataset available as freely licensed downloadable file, and will provide availability and distribution details around the free dataset in the near future.

SimpleGeo will use Factual’s platform to aggregate, clean, and normalize all data contributions from the developer community, contributing significantly to Factual’s rich local data ecosystem. In addition to the Places API, SimpleGeo also offers ‘Context’ – which lets developers query for data relevant to a given location – as well as ‘Storage’ – a hosted database for storing and retrieving location information.

Factual will continue to focus on building rich, multi-faceted, connected databases in Local and Geo as well as other verticals using its machine-learning stack.

With this partnership, we look forward to offering a more robust set of data and tools for developers and welcome feedback from the community.

Gil Elbaz (Factual) and Jay Adelson (SimpleGeo)