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Factual Talks Cross-Device Targeting and Location Data Strategy with Adelphic

Our long-time partner Adelphic recently launched a new Q&A series that shines a spotlight on the biggest challenges, questions, and trends in the programmatic marketplace. As part of the series launch, our VP of Agency and Strategic Partnerships Ocean Fine shared her thoughts on cross-device targeting, location data strategy, and all things mobile.

She addresses the following questions on the Adelphic blog:

  1. What are some of the biggest benefits you see in cross-device targeting?
  2. Why should advertisers care about device IDs in the desktop environment?
  3. Beyond the desktop and mobile phone, what other channels and screens are emerging as important for marketers to reach their customers?
  4. When should real-time location be used instead of or in conjunction with past location targeting? Which is the best strategy for a cross-device campaign?

Click here to read the full blog. Thank you to our friends over at Adelphic for the opportunity to share our perspective via your new Q&A series! We look forward to reading commentary from industry experts, clients, and partners.