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Factual Introduces Engine, a Location Intelligence SDK for Mobile Apps

Today, there are apps for every thing, every need and every want. Hungry and need food right away? There’s an app for that. Want to pay back a friend? There’s an app (or three) for that. Interested in monitoring your sleep and health activity? There’s also an app for that. As more and more apps become available to us, the importance of personalization becomes paramount.

87 percent of time spent on mobile devices is in apps, and users demand that they add value to every mobile experience. Apps need to be smarter to anticipate our needs better and faster. In order to continue to engage customers and grow their user base, businesses and app developers need to add greater customization and contextualization to their apps while maintaining levels of privacy.

Enter Factual’s Engine SDK, our solution for developers and product managers to integrate location intelligence into apps in a more intelligent and usable way, by identifying the right moment to engage users based on location, time and behavior. We have eight plus years building the highest quality Global Places data set, with 130MM+ POIs across 52 countries, and developing a highly accurate machine learned Place Attachment technology which fuels the Engine SDK.

What Makes Engine Unique?

Highly Accurate Place Attachment
Engine uses our proprietary Place Attachment technology, a machine learned model, which correlates a device’s location to a unique place or point of interest. To provide the most accurate correlation of device to place, Place Attachment taps Factual’s world class Global Places dataset, and takes a large number of factors into account, including speed and direction of travel, popularity of places by time and day, business operating hours and density of businesses in the surrounding area.

For example, if we see a device between a movie theatre and a coffee shop at 9 a.m. on a weekday, we are able to logically determine that the device is more likely at the coffee shop than the theatre. If the device is seen at 9 p.m. in the same location, we will then logically determine that it is more likely to be at the theatre.

Understand User Journey
Engine notes user’s “state” in the physical world (i.e. their place or activity) and how that changes through the day. These events can flow into analytics and mobile engagement platforms allowing developers to gain unique user insight, develop deeper customer understanding, and create powerful user segments – all based on historical user location and behavior, beyond app usage alone.

Our integrations with analytics and marketing platforms such as Mixpanel, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Segment, makes it easy and seamless for developers to port data directly into existing push notification solutions and analytics platforms to create insights for custom business needs.

Garage, a simple web UI
We have created an easy to use UI called Garage, so developers can quickly and seamlessly create, change and iterate on trigger events (circumstances) with Engine. With a few clicks, you can select all coffee places in the U.S., certain Starbuck locations, or develop something entirely custom, and tell Engine when to prompt an app to take action. Check out the Garage demo video to see how it works.

Mobile-first Architecture
Engine is different than most other location intelligence SDKs because all the smarts happen on device. From caching location tiles to machine learning, everything occurs on device with very little data leaving it, which makes Engine great for privacy sensitive applications. This also means that it works in low network situations like concerts, sporting events, or in a deep corner of a parking structure. No matter the location, Engine will still deliver what you need it to do and it doesn’t drain the user’s battery in effort to do so.

How Can Engine Help You?

Engine is the best way for you to incorporate location intelligence into your app or product. From the mundane to the most out of the box, we want to provide location intelligence for apps in the custom way for the end user. A few of the ways we think Engine can be used include:

  • To help motivate your user in their health or weight loss goals. Determine if a user is at the gym before they start and offer to get their music streaming in an ad-uninterrupted state before they hit the treadmill.
  • To make meal prep or grocery shopping easier by reminding them of the items you need when you are at a grocery store.
  • To remind users that they have a coupon for a specific store/chain when they are near the store/chain.

Learn more and sign up for Engine SDK by visiting the Engine product page.