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Factual’s Gil Elbaz to Speak At Gluecon

On Thursday, May 27th, Gil will be speaking at the 2010 Glue Conference (Gluecon) in Boulder, Colorado. For those not in the know, Gluecon is a conference for web architects, developers and integrators that addresses the challenges of “gluing” together the varying applications of a post-cloud Internet world.

Gil will be participating on a panel and answering questions during the session entitled, “Gluing Together Data and Apps.” During the panel, Gil will present an overview of the “Knowledge Stack” – the multiple layers of available data on the Internet and how that data “travels” from various points of origin (human knowledge, web pages, etc.) to surfacing in actual applications.

Other people participating in the session include Joe Stump (SimpleGEO), Thomas Pederson (OneLogin), and Steve Newman (Gist).

In addition to Gil’s participation in the session, Factual is also one of the co-sponsors of Gluecon.

So if you happen to be at the conference, please come…and feel free to say hi to Gil! (We promise he won’t bite. Well…we’re pretty sure he won’t.)

–The Factual Team