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Introducing Factual Global Products

At Factual, our goal is to provide access to definitive global data.  We started with Factual Global Places, our flagship product which combines data on over 58 million local businesses and points of interest with rich APIs to help bring context to every point on the globe.  Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our second major data vertical, Factual Global Products.  Factual Global Products currently provides detailed product data for over 500,000 of the most popular consumer packaged goods in the US, including your favorite health, beauty, food, beverage, and household products.  With Global Products, you can easily access key product attributes, find products using powerful search tools or UPC lookup, and connect to product pages across the web.

Key Attributes
Our Products data provides the key attributes you need to describe a product including brand, product name, size, category, UPC, links to images, and Factual ID.  For each attribute, we clean, normalize, and combine data from multiple sources in order to provide you with the most definitive data for each product.

Powerful Search & UPC Lookup
The Products API makes it easy to find product data using full-text search or fast UPC lookup.  In addition, we enable advanced filtering and faceting by any of our product attributes, including category.  To increase the relevancy of search results, results are returned sorted by popularity based on Factual Product Rank.

For example, you can search for tea using the following request:

Filter by brand using:{"brand":"mighty leaf"}

And UPC lookups are easy as:

More examples and full documentation are available in our Developer Documentation.

Crosswalk for Products

Crosswalk for Products connects Factual IDs to product data and related purchase pages at more than 25 third party services, including major retailer and review sites.  This allows you to integrate with third party APIs to pull in additional product data such as pricing and reviews, and to more easily integrate with affiliate programs.  When available, we provide third party IDs, such as SKUs, and enable you to convert between IDs at different retailers using Factual IDs as the common key.

Crosswalk for Products also provides a way for merchants and retailers to increase traffic and sales.  Qualified merchants can add links to their products directly to Crosswalk, making those links available to application developers and consumers around the world.  Interested merchants can learn more by visiting our Merchant Partnership page.

Product Data for All
In short, Factual Global Products makes it easier than ever to access and build great applications on top of rich product data.   And combined with Factual Global Places, developers now have access to the data infrastructure that helps power mobile commerce.  We can’t wait to see what you build.   We’re also excited to be able to announce two great partners, NetPlenish and Grokr, who are already using data from Global Products, and for the additional partners we will be announcing soon.

Visit the Factual Global Products page to learn more, or get started by requesting an API key or download.  If you are already a Factual developer, you can you use existing API key.  As always, please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback and suggestions including data you would like to see next.

John Delacruz
Factual Global Products