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Going For Advertising Gold: Factual’s 2020 Olympics Location Strategy Guide

While the general public might not be thinking about the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics just yet, some have been laser focused on the global sporting event for months. No, we’re not talking about the athletes. We’re talking about the advertisers.

NBCUniversal has already topped $1 billion in national advertising commitments, and ad spend is on track to exceed the Rio benchmark. It’s not surprising that brands are eager to gain visibility during the 7,000 hours of programming. As one of the largest, most brand-safe events on the 2020 marketing calendar, the Olympics is an opportunity for all brands to reach engaged, diverse audiences across the globe.

To help brands navigate the daunting Olympics advertising playing field, we’ve created a collection of innovative, location-based strategies that will enable marketers to reach captive audiences before, during, and after the games. Download our complete 2020 Olympics Location Strategy Guide and check out the highlights below!

Leverage New Olympics Audiences

We’re excited to introduce new, ready-to-use audiences created and categorized specifically for 2020 Olympics campaigns. These new audiences include Olympics Basketball Enthusiasts, Olympics Sports Bar Visitors, Olympics Gymnastics Enthusiasts, and many more. Marketers can easily find and deploy these segments in their preferred DSP, DMP, or TV buying platform.

Influence Viewing Party Hosts and Hostesses

Starting a week before the Olympics, marketers can use Factual Proximity to reach sports fans preparing to entertain by targeting visitors to grocery stores and specialty food stores. What’s more, when the games begin, Proximity can be used to geofence the areas around places in our Beer, Wine, and Spirits category, or around specific chains like Bevmo.

Geofence Like A Pro in Tokyo

Tokyo is expecting close to a million international travelers during the 2020 Olympics. With Factual Proximity, marketers can reach these travelers in real-time, whether they’re at Narita International Airport, the New National Stadium, or any other tourist hot spot!

Engage Wellness Enthusiasts

Use Factual Audience to reach people who have recently visited gyms, yoga studios, fitness centers, and more. Or, target those who have been seen at retail locations in our Sporting Goods category, such as REI and Patagonia. You can always deliver your Olympics-themed messages in real time by geofencing these areas as well! 

Whether you’re hoping to reach consumers around the globe who are tuning in to the Olympics remotely or you’re crafting an experience specifically for those on the ground in Tokyo, our location-based marketing platform can help you do it all with more precision and scale. Download our 2020 Olympics Location Strategy Guide or contact our team to get started on your Olympics win!