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How Location Data Is Changing Out-Of-Home Advertising

Out-of-home (OOH) media has always been an important channel for marketers. Now, with the advent of digital out-of-home (DOOH) inventory, the channel has become more prevalent in advertising than ever before and is the only traditional advertising format that’s experienced consistent growth in global ad sales over the last ten years. You may have noticed an increase in OOH screens over the last several years, especially in urban areas. On my daily commute in San Francisco, I see multiple advertisements, from subway takeovers to street kiosks to OOH placements in elevators, coffee shops, taxis, and numerous other locations. The possibilities are endless with out-of-home (those in Los Angeles may have seen these tiny billboards dotting the streets), and advertisers are increasing their investment in the channel.

Not only does out-of-home advertising benefit from being highly viewable and versatile, it is now benefiting from increasingly sophisticated data-driven marketing products and solutions. At Factual, we’ve been developing the data solutions and building the partnerships that will power the next stage of OOH growth. We’ve seen our partners and marketers use location data in exciting and innovative ways at all stages of the OOH media buying process. 

Out-Of-Home Media Planning and Buying

A retail brand that has historically purchased OOH billboards near major shopping centers is revamping their OOH media planning strategy using location data. The brand has a target audience of “Luxury Shoppers” and users who have recently visited their competitors. Using Factual, the brand is now able to improve their OOH media strategy by advertising on the specific billboards that reach their desired Luxury Shopper and Conquesting audiences.

Factual’s Insights and Targeting products enable marketers and inventory owners to better understand the audience attributes of OOH inventory and to construct highly customizable and accurate media buys based on real-world location data. With these solutions, advertisers have been able to optimize their media plan to reach their desired audience — from In-Market Auto Intenders to Health Food Shoppers to Business Travelers — and maximize the impact of their out-of-home media spend!

Increase Impact with Sequential Messaging

A retail brand, such as Sephora, can greatly amplify the impact of their out-of-home advertising by supplementing their OOH media plan with sequential messaging to ensure they are reaching their desired audience! A prospective makeup buyer might initially see a billboard on the way home from work. Sephora can now deliver a companion creative to that buyer’s phone or computer hours later when she’s idling on the couch, which might influence her to complete the purchase.

Marketers can leverage Factual’s Targeting solutions to deliver sequential messaging to amplify the impact of their OOH media. With Factual Proximity, marketers are able to deliver a companion creative to users who are near any of their OOH placements. With Factual Audiences, marketers can retarget users who have seen their OOH placements and reach those users on other media channels, including display, social and TV. This type of sequential messaging has been shown to increase brand recall, and deliver better conversion results for marketers. Factual’s solutions allow marketers to incorporate OOH as part of a larger data-driven strategy across multiple media channels.

Out-Of-Home Measurement

In recent years, QSR brands like McDonald’s and Burger King have been using out-of-home placements to launch award-winning campaigns, sometimes at the expense of their competitors. While these campaigns are clearly succeeding on the creativity front, QSR brands like McDonald’s also want to prove that their advertising has led to an increase in foot traffic! It’s not just QSR marketers; we’ve seen many verticals – from Automotive, Retail, Travel and even Telco – leverage the power of location data to measure results of their OOH campaign.

With Factual Measurement, marketers can now measure the impact of their OOH media spend for both print and digital placements! Using our self-serve Measurement Intelligence dashboard, marketers are able to determine store visits influenced by their OOH advertising campaigns, allowing them to finally quantify the impact of their OOH advertising in driving real-world results.

Data-Driven Solutions for The Entire Campaign Lifecycle

Factual’s location data-driven solutions now allow advertisers and inventory owners to leverage real-world data to plan, buy, retarget and measure their out-of-home media. As a neutral data platform, we’re able to work with partners across all types of OOH media, from traditional billboards to the latest digital placements, and all of our solutions are based on real-world, deterministic data — no lookalike modeling or incentivized panels!

We’re excited for the continued growth of OOH and the innovative and unique ways our customers are leveraging Factual solutions to power out-of-home advertising. As the OOH space continues to evolve, we’re looking forward to building both new offerings and new partnerships to continue to support OOH marketers.

Interested in learning more about leveraging location data for out-of-home? Contact our team of strategy experts today!