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How To Use Data Enrichment For Insights During The COVID-19 Lockdown

As the COVID-19 safer at home orders continue, real world visitation patterns – the way people travel (or don’t), visit places (or don’t) – now look very different than even two or three weeks ago. Now, more than ever, brands need to engage their customers directly, and shoring up the customer relationship with data-driven insights is just as important as shoring up the bottom line. 

While the overall volume of visit data will temporarily decrease because our habits have changed, there is valuable information to be gleaned from historical data and first party customer data is more valuable now than ever. Factual Data Enrichment can provide the insights based on relevant location patterns you need to continue to better understand and engage your customers.

Here some some ways that our Enrichment data can be activated today:

Customer Analytics and Segmentation

The visitation and visit-derived attribute data provided through Enrichment add unique additional ingredients to enhance existing customer profiles.

  • Understand previously unknown characteristics of your customer base
  • Observe changes in customer behavior or store visitation trends, as a result of the COVID-19 impact and past marketing campaigns or product releases
  • Segment customers into more granular cohorts before engaging them
  • Answer very specific questions for internal marketing and product strategists


  • Customer churn: A fast food restaurant chain can identify customers who have churned by seeing when a user started visiting a competitor, or started visiting their restaurant less frequently
  • Loyalty / customer acquisition: A brand can identify a group of customers who frequently visit their retail location, but are not yet part of their loyalty program

Personalized Engagement

Bringing Factual Data Enrichment in-house gives brands the power to further personalize their engagement with each individual customer, across all channels (email marketing, social media advertising, website content, physical mailers, telemarketing, OOH, etc.), beyond what they know from 1st party website clicks and product purchases.


  • More enticing / attractive offers: Businesses impacted by the lock down can promote curb pick-up to online shoppers who they know live in zip codes that contain one of their stores/restaurants.
  • Re-targeting: Retail stores such as pharmacies can re-target users who they’ve seen visiting competitor stores.

Global media companies, brands, and digital publishers are already using Data Enrichment to determine how to best engage their customers, demonstrate customer affinity across their portfolio for advertisers, and more.

Learn more about Data Enrichment here, or contact our team to get started!