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Introducing Geopulse Insights and Geopulse Measurement

Too often, marketers lack the actionable consumer insights and holistic measurement solutions needed to effectively plan and optimize marketing campaigns. To help solve this problem, Factual is releasing two new products to help marketers understand their customers better, close-the-loop on media campaigns, and boost the long-term impact of their marketing investment.

Geopulse Insights takes the guesswork out of how to reach target audiences by translating real-world observations into actionable targeting strategies. This includes:

  • In-Depth Consumer Analysis – Improve overall marketing strategy with unique insights about target consumers. Explore demographic characteristics and behavioral propensities, and discover the places, chains and business categories they frequent. Uncover differences between customers and the general population, or those of top competitors.
  • Customer Journey Analysis Understand consumers’ path to purchase, including the places they visit before a point of interest, and how long they stay at a target location. Inform marketing strategy with insight into visitation patterns by time of day and day of week.
  • Creative Insights – Leverage behavioral and demographic analysis to tailor campaign creative and messaging while delivering contextually relevant advertising to target audiences.

Geopulse Measurement helps marketers understand the real world impact of their media investment by integrating in-store visitation data into campaign performance metrics. Geopulse Measurement allows marketers to:

  • Measure Campaign Effectiveness – Attribute deterministic foot traffic to ad impressions to uncover key performance drivers. Define control and exposed groups for lift analysis to understand incremental impact.
  • Optimize Campaigns – Analyze campaigns holistically or by media channel, media partner, targeting tactic, creative treatment and more. Daily data delivery allows marketers to act on insights during the course of a campaign to improve performance and drive more in-store visits.

Both tools are built with Factual’s proprietary technology and data assets, including Global Places, which covers more than 130 million places and points of interest around the globe, and Observation Graph, which describes signals from more than 280M mobile devices.

Interested in learning more about Geopulse Insights and Geopulse Measurement for your campaigns? Contact our team today.