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Introducing Out@Factual

At Factual, we strive to build upon our value of inclusivity. Because “inclusivity” isn’t just a word written on our office wall, we’ve recently launched Out@Factual, a culture group aimed at highlighting and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community both within Factual and beyond. For its first phase, Out@Factual, will focus on two main initiatives: Visibility and Connecting with LGBTQ Talent.

Promoting Visibility

Visibility is important, especially when you are invisible. As members of the LGBTQ+ community, we are invisible (for the most part) until we actually verbalize our identity. Actively promoting visibility can foster an environment that allows queer employees to freely express their identities without hesitation or fear. It allows for an open dialogue between queer and non-queer employees at Factual, which leads to more inclusivity and understanding.

To kick off the formation (ok ladies, now let’s get in formation!) of Out@Factual, we hosted our first event at the start of Pride Month, which included a Pride Lunch Talk and a celebratory happy hour. While the happy hour was festive and featured both a sequined photo booth and signature mar-gay-ritas, the Lunch Talk was educational and included a brief history of Pride, beginning with the Stonewall Riots. We wanted to bring to light the struggles and hardships our queer brothers and sisters had to face to give us the privilege to celebrate Pride today. It was also important for us to touch upon the struggles and discrimination our community continues to face globally.

Connecting With LGBTQ+ Talent

In the coming months, we’ll be working on updating our recruiting pipeline so that we can introduce LGBTQ+ candidates to Out@Factual right at the beginning. If a candidate self-identifies during the recruiting process, we’ll make sure they meet members of Out@Factual and get a feel for what life at Factual as a queer person is like.

Additionally, Factual has been a supporter of the Out for Undergraduate Tech conference, which provides opportunities to learn about working in the tech industry, panels focused on preparing for technical interviews, inspiring keynote speeches from senior LGBTQ+ tech executives, and a career fair featuring leading tech companies. The Out for Undergraduate Tech conference has helped us recruit great LGBTQ+ candidates, and we’re excited to continue the sponsorship in 2019.  

Pride at Factual

As a part of the launch of Out@Factual, we asked our team what Pride means to them. Here’s what they had to say:

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- Merage Mohammad and Mark Dawson, Your Out@Factual Co-Leads