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Iterable Partners with Factual for Location Engine

Factual Location Engine is now available through Iterable‘s marketing platform. Brands can leverage Iterable and Factual’s location data for cross-channel customer engagement, empowering businesses to deliver completely seamless, personalized customer experiences, and more.

Now, Iterable customers are able to seamlessly access and activate location data as they engage their customers at each touchpoint of the buying journey—from sign-up to check-out and beyond. Drive user activation, nurture, and reactivation with relevant and customized cross-channel messaging.

For example, with Location Engine SDK, customers can create custom, location based events that will activate, re-engage and keep customer interests.  Such as, send customized push notification for a discount at coffee shops.

Location Engine Data within Iterable Dashboard

Factual’s pre-built integrations make it easier than ever to activate leverage location data intelligence, create stronger audience segments based on location patterns, enrich user profiles and further uncover deeper customer insights to personalize the app experience and simplify the many steps in this process.

Our Factual Location Engine and Iterable partners can activate their campaigns using this integration today. See our developer documentation for more details.

Questions about Location Engine or would like to become a customer? Contact us today!