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Launching Location and Mobile Ad Targeting Tools

To enhance our Global Places offering, we are announcing three new APIs that will provide developers with powerful geointelligence tools and data designed to increase contextual relevance in today’s mobile world:

Geopulse API

Discover everything that Factual knows about a location: you pass us a latitude and longitude, and we return additional attributes, called ‘pulses’, about that location.  Pulses employ Factual’s network of signals, calculated metrics, and census data to give a unique purview of a given local point.  We’re launching with:

  • Factual Commercial Density: Relative density of businesses near a location
  • Factual Commercial Profile: Types of businesses near a location
  • Demographics: Age, gender, race, median household income for a given location (US only)

We’ll be adding more over the coming months.  Have a look at the demo and documentation to learn more.  Pricing will depend on use case and usage volume.

Reverse Geocoder API

Convert a longitude and latitude into an address for the US and 49 other countries.  More details.

World Geographies API

Learn the names and interrelationships between the world’s natural and administrative geographies – countries, cities, states, continents, regions, and time zones – enhancing the global 60 million businesses and landmarks we currently offer. You will be able to access ~6 million geographies and over 8 million place names in numerous languages.  More details.

With data accessible via these additional APIs, it will make it even easier for developers and enterprises to build smarter location-based applications and analytics / business intelligence models. These services are production-ready but we’re launching them in beta, which means we will likely be making changes in the short-term as we incorporate developer feedback.

These new APIs are focused on addressing the mobile ad targeting market.  ThinkNear, a hyperlocal mobile demand side platform, is using Factual services to build a more robust ad targeting platform, and in the next few weeks we’ll be announcing more partnerships who are providing advertisers with advanced targeting and analytics using our location-centric toolkit.

This is really just the beginning – more services are coming , but we hope this gives you a sense of where we are headed and the means to take them for a spin and provide feedback.

Factual Endpoints

Lastly, as an added bonus, we’ve made all data for a Factual entity accessible from a single endpoint – add the Factual ID to the end of and we will provide the core attributes with extended, rich data from our Crosswalk, Restaurants, and Healthcare Providers products.   A few examples:

We’re looking forward to seeing the innovative applications in which our developer community employs these new services.  Don’t hesitate to hit us up with feedback and feature requests.

Bill Michels
VP of Product Management and Partnerships
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