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Leanplum Partners with Factual for Location Engine

Leanplum users can now target audiences using Factual’s Location Engine SDK. Brands can optimize Leanplum’s engagement and testing capabilities with Factual’s location data, empowering businesses to deliver hyper-targeted, personalized user experiences designed to increase customer retention and monetization.

Now, Leanplum customers are able to seamlessly access and activate location data as they engage their customers across multiple channels – from push notifications, to in-app messagings, email and beyond, in real-time. Drive engagement, customer loyalty and retention with relevant and customized cross-channel messaging.

For example, with Location Engine SDK, customers can create custom, location based events that will activate, re-engage and keep customer interests.  Such as:

1. Factual trigger

2. Dynamically insert location based data, from Factual, such as place name

3. Sample message with Place Name triggered when a user is within a specified radius of a location

Our Factual Location Engine and Leanplum partners can activate their campaigns using this integration today. See our developer documentation for more details. 

Questions about Location Engine or would like to become a customer? Contact us today!