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On Location: Factual at Mindshare Huddle

Last week our EMEA team participated in our third Mindshare Huddle in central London. Huddle isn’t a typical industry conference, it’s a day where media, brands, tech, entrepreneurs, you-name-it come together to explore forward thinking topics that affect the industry and society as a whole through on and off-huddles. This year’s topic was “The New Era of Influence” with sub categories of human, psychology, and technology. Such a wide spanning topic resulted in numerous different interpretations of influence — from politics to social networks, AI and beyond. The event has two types of activations: on and off huddles. The on huddles are more traditional event activations like a panel or discussion based breakouts (no powerpoints though!).  While the off huddles are Mindshare’s version of a conference booth, but with much more innovative and immersive experiences. This year’s event was no exception.


Naturally, as a marketer heavy event we saw lots of off and on huddles discussing and analysing the rapid rise of the influencer marketing industry on social media. Also playing off of that same social media trend was several off huddles based around the perfecting of a selfie and curating your image online.

The more serious side of the event shared the importance of honesty, trust and transparency in the market. With increased spend from brands and agencies alike you need to be able to differentiate who is a leader versus who just has a lot of followers. Stylecaster demonstrated in a fun and creative way by designing their off huddle as a police interview room and playing out a case in which a faux-influencer is revealed.


Our off huddle, titled “The Importance of Language in a Voice Activated World,” explored the way voice activation is changing how we interact with technology. We asked the question, in an age of influence, how will this overly communicative next generation differentiate themselves in a world where there’s more voice and thus less reading and writing? The remaining pillar of communication will be language, so the importance of being multilingual will be at an all time high.

So we invited participants to rapidly learn one of three languages — French, Spanish or Italian —  by a professional tutor who taught them key useful phrases to say to a Google Home or Amazon Alexa. They were able to voice command our on site google home to do things like tell them the weather, play music and ask the time. While they were absorbing these 10 minute long lessons they were able to sample traditional dishes from each country including pasta from italy, french onion soup and patatas bravas from Spain.

As a global location data company, with an extensive places data set it made sense for us to put a spotlight on a few of the many countries where we have data. Additionally, our data is used to power voice activation tools which really brought our off huddle full circle. Already looking forward to what we can concoct for Mindshare Huddle next year!

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