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Location Strategies for Bespoke Black Friday Shoppers

In 2017, more than 174 million Americans shopped in stores and online from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday. How can a brand stand out during the free-for-all shopping frenzy and capture a piece of the billions of dollars spent?

Utilizing location data, brands can cut through the advertising clutter and deliver the right message to targeted audiences in prime time. Here are a few ways you can use Factual’s Geopulse Audience and Proximity targeting solutions to efficiently and effectively reach different types of Black Friday shoppers:

1. Thoughtful Gift-Givers

According to the National Retail Federation, average spending per person over the five-day Thanksgiving shopping period was $335.47, with a whopping 75% of that going toward gifts. Reach these generous shoppers while they’re browsing for perfect, one-of-a-kind gifts for their loved ones.

location data for better ad targeting and measurement

2. Selective Foodies

Whether you’re targeting the meat-free or the carb-free eater, real-world behavior can help you tailor your advertising to the tastes of your audience.

location data for marketing and advertising during black friday

location data for marketing and advertising

3. Savvy Deal-Seekers

Who’s better to reach on Black Friday than those already looking to score some great deals?

black friday cyber monday advertising

4. Brand Loyalists

Make sure your loyal customers don’t get tempted by your competitors’ offers! Deliver timely tailored ads to your loyalists to drive in-store visits and cross-sell or upsell.

black friday cyber monday advertising strategies

This is just a taste of what location data can do for your advertising dollars. Download our latest Location Strategy Guide for more unique targeting ideas to boost the impact of all your Q4 campaigns!

Interested in learning more about location based strategies? Contact our team of experts today.