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Major Update to Healthcare Providers Data

We are excited to announce the latest release of our Healthcare Providers data. This release integrates our healthcare dataset into Factual’s latest data stack. Among the benefits:

  • Download licensees may now access updates to the data through the Diffs API.
  • Healthcare data can be updated or new records added using the Write API. Those updates can now occur in real-time.
  • All providers in the healthcare data are guaranteed to be tied to matching records in our Global Places data.
  • Providers may now be connected to 3rd party services using Factual Crosswalk data.

Additionally, we’ve improved the data quality and coverage of 8 key healthcare provider attributes that our developers rely on to empower their users to find the most appropriate provider.

Data highlights:

  • 830,000 new providers, which grows the total dataset to 2.6MM.
  • Big jumps in attribute densities for npi_id (+67%), category_ids (+57%), gender (+56%), fax (+34%), languages (+17%), and tel (+10%).
  • Multi-value support in JSON arrays for insurances, affiliations, degrees, and education.
  • Improved data cleanliness overall.

Drawing on many sources, including the United States NPI registry for healthcare, the Healthcare Provider dataset helps users navigate the huge amount of choices available when it comes to health.

Looking for a dentist that’s close to you in Santa Monica? Try a location and keyword-based query – here’s an example query using our Ruby driver:

  .filters("region" => "CA", "locality" => "SANTA MONICA")

Need a physician who accepts Cigna insurance? Search again by location, degree, and insurance to find healthcare providers that have indicated they accept this insurance type.

  .filters("region" => "CA",
           "locality" => "LOS ANGELES",
           "degrees" => {"$includes" => "MD"},
           "insurances" => {"$includes" => "CIGNA"})

Every healthcare provider is categorized and with more granularity than before, so whether you’re looking for an Obstetrician or Podiatrist, filtering by any of our healthcare provider categories provides quick results.

You can get started by exploring the data, signing up for an API key, or requesting a download.

We wish you good health and good data!

– Jenn Housel