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MMA Report: Use Cases for Location Data Beyond Geo-fencing

Location data is a key ingredient for marketers in reaching consumers in their increasingly connected day-to-day lives. So much so that a total of 82% of marketers have used location data to personalize the customer experience, and another 85% plan to do so within the next 12 months.

These stats from our 2018 Location Based Marketing Report are featured in the newest Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) report.  “Checking In: Use Cases for Location Data Beyond Geo-fencing” examines innovative uses for location in both marketing and predictive analytics, featuring 14 mini-case studies including:

  • How WeWork leveraged location data to assess neighborhoods for future locations
  • Analyzing consumer travel patterns near out-of-home advertising to retarget consumers
  • How Danone gave encouragement to consumers during traffic-filled commutes
  • Where brands and location data providers have helped people in areas affected by hurricanes

Factual is a proud member of the MMA’s Location Committee, and we were pleased to contribute to this release. Download the full report to see how location data is driving innovation across the industry.

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