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A Globally Transparent API

We’ve been globalizing our services over the last few months at Factual to better serve the needs of a borderless Internet: all global place data is now accessible via a single API endpoint, and we’ve added two new countries, China and Canada. With this announcement, Factual is the only service in the world where developers can access structured information from 55+ million places globally via a single API gateway. We have made it easy for any developer to find all sushi restaurants in the world, all Starbucks in North America, and all service stations in Europe.

Global API

Previously at Factual, we divided our place data by country: while easy to manage, developers needed to know in advance what table to query. Now, all countries are centrally located and can be queried simultaneously. Search and browse the results here. All data is represented in the common local language: you can search for places in Russia using Cyrillic, in Egypt using Arabic, and Israel using Hebrew. All countries share a common global schema to simplify developer access and data management. All together it is a big database, but we keep it fast: you can read more on this blog about our technology stack. We’ve also just today launched deep attributes for over 800k restaurants in the US.

New Countries

Today we’re also introducing two new countries to our global coverage of the world’s places:

  • Canada 1.8 million
  • China (beta): 9.8 million entities

This brings our running total to 55 million places in 47 countries, not that we’re counting.

Learning More

Tyler Bell
Factual Product Bod