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New and Improved Local Data, Mobile SDK & More!

Towards our goal of providing the most comprehensive, accurate, and accessible local data, we’ve just released an improved U.S. POI dataset, new international datasets, richer attributes for US doctor entities, as well as a new iPhone SDK.

In addition to our APIs which are free to all developers, we are also making Factual local data downloadable in CSV format – free for smaller developers – as part of this release. We ask developers to fill out a short form to let us know how they intend to use the data in a web or mobile application.

  1. Deeper, Richer Local Data

    You’ll notice several changes and improvements from the beta version of our US POI dataset: ~15MM business listings and POI, greater coverage, enhanced resource count, higher attribute density, improved geocodes, and richer categorization.

  2. More International Local Datasets

    We’re also releasing local data for an additional 19 countries and territories (e.g. Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, India), bringing our total to 27 countries with 30+ million local entities. See the full list.

  3. US Doctors Dataset

    We’ve also just launched a new US Doctors dataset with just under 1 million records, containing enhanced attributes like specialty, gender, hospital affiliation, etc. This dataset is perfect for developers looking to build health care-related apps and technologies.

  4. Factual’s iPhone SDK

    The Factual SDK shortens your mobile development cycle by providing an iPhone native wrapper for real-time calls to Factual local data along with examples to help you get started. Check it out!. We’ll be releasing a mobile SDK for Android in the near future.

  5. Global Local Formatting

    At present, Factual provides and manages basic location data for 30+ million local entities in 27 countries. With this recent local data release, we abstracted column headers (field names) to country-neutral equivalents: we’re now employing a naming scheme sympathetic with hCard to ensure that data from multiple countries can be stored and managed in a uniform manner, allowing developers to expand their applications internationally with greater ease. In the next few weeks you will see all of our local data retrofitted to this uniform format.

What’s on the Horizon?

There’s a lot of good stuff here, all designed to make working with large amounts of data, especially local data, dead easy. At Factual, however, we believe that making data more accessible is only one step in creating a thriving data ecosystem…and in the coming weeks, we’ll be writing about new products and platform features that will hopefully make data engineering our problem, not yours.

– The Factual Team