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New Datasets, New Features, New Homepage

Here at Factual, we believe that the adoption of open data by developers will be the driving force behind making it useful for everyone to make better decisions in life. This belief was the impetus for our recent website redesign, our newly enhanced developer tools, and the new datasets we are announcing today.

One of the hottest topics in tech right now is local and geo-based technology, and we want to be the trusted resource for developers to get access to that data for a fraction of the cost most other services charge. Today we have launched geo-coded data for nearly 14 million local US businesses, and for millions of businesses located in the UK, Japan, Italy, Indonesia, and Australia. This is extremely valuable data that has been difficult for developers (large and small) to gain access to due to the cost and hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and license requirements – that is, until now. We have made it easier than ever for developers to build location-based web or mobile apps, with businesses and points of interests from around the world, all in one location (no pun intended).

In addition to the new datasets you can find at Factual, we have redesigned our website to make it easier and faster for developers to navigate and find exactly what they’re looking for – the right data, services, tools, and documentation – to start building applications immediately.

Specifically, the homepage now highlights four sections focused on what developers want to do:

  • Web Apps: Factual-hosted Javascript API that enables DOM injection of structured data; fully customizable and easily integrated with design style and CSS.
  • Server API: RestFUL API with full set of parameters to filter, search, etc.
  • Geo Tools: A set of features that enables geo-specific queries (within a radius, bounding box, closest records, furthest records), forward and reverse geocoding, and integration with Google Maps.
  • Data Hubs: Topic-specific pages featuring datasets in local/POI, health, education, entertainment, government, and more.

We will continue to optimize and augment these sections in the future, so feel free to tell us what you think and offer your suggestions

We hope you will find these latest changes, features, and valuable data offerings helpful in building the mind-blowing applications of the future.

–The Factual Team