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New Factual TV Audiences Available Now

TV is primed for a monumental year thanks to the proliferation of streaming services and content, continued cord-cutting, and innovation in advertising technology. All of this now enables advertisers to shift their targeting strategies to focus on audiences rather than general content buckets. As consumers continue to adopt ad-supported streaming services like Hulu, Pluto TV and other services launched by major content networks, video ad dollars will increasingly be transacted programmatically and demand for better TV targeting options will grow.

To that end, we’re excited to introduce new, ready-to-use audiences created and categorized specifically for TV.

A Pioneer in Location Targeting for TV

Factual was the first location data provider to offer location-based audiences to TV via our deep integrations with leading platforms like The Trade Desk and Samsung, allowing marketers to reach and measure users however they watch TV. Using Factual’s location data, TV marketers were able to reach over 130 million US consumers and their households based on real-world data — no panels, proxies, or unreliable modeling.

90+ New High Scale Connected TV Audiences

Now, marketers will have access to over 90 high-scale audiences specifically created for TV. These audiences span every vertical and are available across all TV inventory types, including connected TV, addressable linear, full episode players, and more. Want to reach an in-market auto intender who has visited your dealership in the past six months via TV? Our new segments make that easier than ever, and they can be accessed and deployed through any of our partners with TV inventory.

As streaming devices and internet-enabled smart TVs continue to evolve, marketers are increasingly able to deliver the right content at the right time to highly engaged, targeted audiences. With Factual’s location-based TV audiences, marketers can now bring the sophisticated audience targeting tactics they already use for digital media to their TV ad buys, moving beyond content to reach TV viewers based on their real-world behavior.

For more information on our ready-to-use TV audiences, contact our team here.