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New Factual World Geographies Data

Factual World Geographies is our dataset of natural administrative geographic entities: postcodes, localities, regions, townships, states, oceans, countries, countries and continents. It contains 5,218,492 geographies with 8,397,298 placenames in nineteen languages. All places are arranged hierarchically, allowing Factual users to determine the relationship of one place to another. The name variants are a great tool for placename disambiguation, while the ‘neighbors’ relationships will return what places are found adjacent to other places. Basically this is a great resource if you work with non-cartographic, geographic data.

This post is to note we made a few improvements to our most recent release:

  • Added handful of new places, including the nascent country of South Sudan
  • Included a new ‘contextname’ attribute that includes the placename in its geographical context, e.g. ‘Lendaw, Greenville, US’
  • UTF-8 strings are no longer ascii-encoded
  • Minor corrections and edits

You can access our World Geographies dataset using your extant Factual API Key or get one here. Like most of our datasets, you can hit it 10,000 times a day gratis.

-Tyler Bell
Geomancer, Factual