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Announcing the New Geopulse Audience Designer

Smart marketers understand the value of location-based targeting… The way people behave in the real world is the most powerful signal for understanding who they are and what they want.

But effective location-based targeting requires a flexible solution to create highly-customized audiences using high-quality data.

Today we’re excited to announce Factual’s new Geopulse Audience Designer, which enables advertisers to
accurately target based on precise real world behaviors –– so they can reach the right consumers with the right message, every time.

Click below to see the new Geopulse Audience Designer in action.




New Feature Highlights:

Enhanced Smart Search for efficient place targeting.
Smart Search is now integrated directly into the Audience Designer for seamless targeting of over 130 million places, chains and points of interest across 475 categories.

Precise targeting based on days and times audiences visit points of interest throughout the week.
Refine your audience by place visit attributes such as frequency, day-of-week and time-of-day, or limited to a specific date range.

Nuanced targeting based on complex logic.
Exclude specific audiences based on “does not/have not attributes,” enabling you to design campaigns using detailed, complex logic.

To learn more about the new Geopulse Audience Designer, visit the
Geopulse Audience product page or contact our team.