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Announcing the New Geopulse Proximity Designer

Effective advertising is all about context. And there is no better indicator of a consumer’s context than their real-time location. Factual’s real-time targeting solution, Geopulse Proximity, makes it possible to reach consumers at exactly the right time and place using the most trusted location data worldwide.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new Geopulse Proximity Designer, featuring a completely redesigned, friendly interface, with smart search functionality. Our new Geopulse Proximity Designer allows marketers and agencies to:

  • Search over 130MM places, chains and points of interest around the world
  • Target visitors within precise geofence boundaries, refined with hundreds of place attributes
  • Calculate accurate reach and impressions estimates
  • Activate segments for targeting everywhere you buy

Unlike most black-box geofencing tools, Geopulse Proximity is transparent and highly-customizable. The Geopulse Proximity Designer allows marketers and agencies to create precise geofences perfectly tuned to their unique campaign KPIs, all within a self-service, web-based interface.

Click below to see the new Geopulse Proximity Designer in action. 


New Feature Highlights

The new Geopulse Proximity Designer incorporates advanced, smart-search functionality –– with autocomplete, top results, and related place suggestions –– for easier, faster targeting.

Hundreds of place attribute filters provide granular control over custom geofence boundaries, which can be defined according to your preferred unit of measurement (e.g., feet, miles, meters, and kilometers) and exact specifications.


To learn more about the new Geopulse Proximity Designer, visit the Geopulse Proximity product page or contact our team.