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NEW REPORT: Mobile Measurement & Targeting by eMarketer

Mobile advertising is growing at a rapid pace, but fragmented formats and standards keep marketers from taking full advantage of the data available to them. In a recent report, eMarketer included Factual research in their exploration of mobile advertising challenges and how improved transparency and measurement can support marketers’ goals in 2018.

Here’s a couple of data snapshots included in the report, pulled from our most recent research with Digiday, Navigating Mobile with Location Data and Measurement.

When selecting a data partner, publishers put data transparency (60 percent) and data quality (33 percent) as their most important considerations. Scalability was the lowest consideration with only eight percent.

More than three-quarters of US publishers (76 percent) said that they always or usually use location data for geotargeting. In addition to targeting, thirty-one percent of publishers cited they are using their data to create location-based audiences.

Access the full report on eMarketer Pro to read their research addressing the following:

  1. The Thickets of Identity Resolution
  2. Finding that Elusive Common Ground in Measurement
  3. Publishers Are Coy with Data
  4. Ad Fraud
  5. Measuring Off-Device Actions
  6. Improving Targeting via Location Data
  7. Finding the Right Moment
  8. Personalization that Scales

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