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Now Available: The IAB’s Location-Based Marketing Glossary

Today’s data-driven marketers are embracing the power of location data now more than ever – our recent research revealed that more than 84% of marketers currently use location data in their campaigns, with 94% planning to in the future. It’s clear that location is a powerful bridge between consumers’ online and offline worlds, but the terms used in discussing it can become confusing.  

To help ensure we’re all speaking the same language when discussing location data, the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence’s Local Committee has developed a Location-Based Marketing Glossary to help clarify the terms and concepts that brands and marketers should know so they can effectively and intelligently consider and activate location-based campaigns.

The glossary succinctly defines location data and includes terms relating to sources of data, targeting methods, measurement methods, security, privacy and more. 

Factual is proud to have contributed to the Location-Based Marketing Glossary, which we hope will serve as an important industry guide now and in the future. For more on ways in which you can activate many of the capabilities mentioned within, contact a member of our strategy team.