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Now Featuring Neighborhoods in Global Places

Today we tagged nearly fourteen million Factual places with neighborhoods. This new data is available now to all Factual partners at no additional cost.

You can see the 50 country breakdown in our Global Places data, including over seven million places tagged with neighborhoods in the US alone. Factual API users will now see the ‘neighborhood’ attribute in all returns from the global table that have been tagged:

          "Grandes Carrières-Clichy",


          "Pill Hill",
          "Peralta Villa"]

We’ve used Flickr Neighborhoods to tag our places. This data is in turn based on the Yahoo Geoplanet dataset, which takes a liberal attitude towards what constitutes a ‘neighborhood’ – basically any informal, local geography. We’re fans of this resource because its use does not impose upstream license encumberances on our users, it increases discoverability of the data, and, lastly, it is not tessellated (the neighborhoods overlap), which we think better reflects the situation in the real world.

We hope you find this a useful enhancement to Factual data. As ever, If you don’t yet have one, get your Factual API key here.

– Tyler Bell
(Puts on cardigan zipper sweater, removes dress shoes for sneakers)