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On Location: Factual’s Brian Czarny

The role of the chief marketing officer is quickly evolving as companies continue to embrace data and technology. With large companies recently stepping away from the role completely, CMOs must be able to effectively adapt in this data-driven world. Our own CMO discusses the many ways data, specifically location data, can actually empower marketing leaders rather than be a cause of fear, arming them with crucial insights about their business and their customers.

CMOs today are increasingly responsible for not only the acquisition of new customers but also the overall business strategy, growth, the retention of existing customers, and the overall customer experience.

In the video below, Brian Czarny, Chief Marketing Officer at Factual, breaks down:

  • How data has fundamentally changed the role of the CMO
  • The many ways marketing organizations can benefit from location data
  • What CMOs should be focused on in the next 12 months

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