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Factual Findings: Cannes Lions 2019

Another Cannes Lions has come and gone, and with it, the latest insights and opinions from the best of the best in creative advertising, marketing and technology. Cannes truly is a mecca for all things trending, from diversity & inclusion in the industry, to the future of TV, to leopard print skirts (we counted more than 30 during our stay!), and we’re always grateful for the opportunity to observe and contribute.

While the onstage content tends to be a bit more controlled than what’s discussed in closed-door meetings, there’s a few standout takeaways we’re reflecting on this week and beyond. Read on for three key topics the Factual team encountered and explored onsite, and a bit on how we can help you act upon each in the very near future.


What is the difference between “emerging” and “traditional” media? This was a key question asked of panelists at our first “Data Discussions with Factual” event, gathering experts from agencies, advanced TV and OOH platforms on the Hotel Martinez beachfront. The answer? There is no difference, there’s just data.

Data is providing the ability to activate audience insights and better analyze results across traditional channels, and we know that it’s on the minds of many within the industry. Emerging/traditional platforms was one of the hottest topics we heard discussed at this year’s Cannes, and our Location Based Marketing Report again offers a statistic; we found that marketers are increasingly using location data in channels including advanced TV (49%), digital out-of-home (47%), voice/connected speakers (45%), and automotive (28%).

Factual Finding: There’s more flexibility and control in optimizing campaigns on these platforms than ever before, and the opportunity is only growing. Work with smart partners now to get ahead of the curve.


Burger King’s “Whopper Detour” won big at Cannes Lions, and it’s easy to see why. The campaign smartly injected data into the consumer experience, turning a direct marketing stunt into a participatory event.

We can – and should – expect to see more brands use data within their creative campaigns, at every step of the process. From audience insights used to create messaging and artwork that resonates with a target consumer, to audience and proximity segments that drive offers and initiatives to specific consumers with creative meant for them, data will shape the process and deliver campaigns that improve the ultimate experience.

Factual Finding: Location data can unlock the insights you need to understand your consumers, uncover competitive insights, and deliver the best message to the right person at a precise POI. Data-driven creativity is the ultimate goal.


Nearly every discussion with our partners and clients led to how we are activating location data beyond targeting. This tracks with a statistic from our recently released 2019 Location Based Marketing Report, which found that while the use of location data for promotions and ads overall is increasing to 94% in the next year, only 46% are using it for audience insights, and 24% are using it for measurement. 

Marketers know location data increases campaign effectiveness, and they’re seeking to apply it in new and interesting ways to make the most of their initiatives. Expect to see more data informing strategy and shaping the campaign planning process from start to finish.

Factual Finding: Location can be applied in more ways than you may know. Let us help you use our insights and measurement tools to better understand your audience, and optimize campaigns in real-time 

Cannes Lions 2019 might be over, but its learnings live on. To speak with us about any of our findings, at anytime, contact our team!