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Partner Perspective: Amanda Martin of Goodway Group

With massive amounts of data accessible to marketers, how should today’s most innovative brands think about data sources and, more importantly, data partners? What would happen to the advertising industry if all location data just disappeared overnight?

We sat down with Amanda Martin, Vice President of Enterprise Partnerships at Goodway Group, to discuss how to navigate the crowded data ecosystem and how location data has enabled better campaign reporting and attribution, particularly for those focused on local and regional advertisers and agencies.

“Geolocation is table stakes for us. Without it, we cannot effectively do what we’re doing today.” – Amanda Martin, Goodway Group

Watch the video below to learn:

  • Which essential questions to ask when incorporating location data into marketing campaigns in order to reap the greatest benefits
  • What to consider when evaluating data partners
  • Why Goodway Group has always believed in third-party data

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