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Partner Perspective: Factual Interviews Vistar Media

Vistar Media provides end-to-end programmatic Digital Out of Home solutions for marketers. Recently Factual partnered with Vistar Media to bring Geopulse Audiences & Measurement solutions to DOOH buyers with Vistar Media. Our Director of Strategic Partnerships Leighann Terraforte spoke to Matthew Schuster, CRO at Vistar Media to explore DOOH, recent trends, and what to look out for in the DOOH space in 2019.

Leighann Terraforte: Digital out-of-home spending is expected to grow to 47.9% by
2022. What are currently the most notable trends driving this growth in DOOH?

Matthew Schuster: First and foremost, I think a large portion of this growth can be ascribed to programmatic. As media owners continue to adopt programmatic technology to sell their inventory, they are streamlining the way that digital buyers can transact. Buyers want to be able to buy digital out-of-home the same way they purchase native ads or video, and programmatic offers that.

I also think that improvements in targeting and measurement have contributed to the growth of DOOH. Being able to tie DOOH to ROI is huge, and the increasing availability of measurement in OOH allows marketers to prove the value of investing in this unique channel.


LT: What are your thoughts on how location data can help marketers with their DOOH targeting strategies?

MS: Like cookies in the online world, location data allows marketers to create real-world audiences. When you combine Factual’s behavioral segments with Vistar’s geotemporal technology, you’re able to create a movement-based audience. Location data provides a connection between IRL and URL – by using segments from online, marketers can apply data consistently across all channels, including DOOH. In this sense, DOOH is a natural extension of marketers’ digital strategies, providing additional touchpoints when consumers are outside of their homes.


LT: What is your advice for marketers seeking to shift traditional out-of-home budgets to digital out-of-home? What are some new formats of DOOH inventory marketers should look out for?

MS: A common misconception is that there needs to be a shift from OOH to DOOH. What we’ve been able to do at Vistar is actually go after new digital dollars. Rather than just take away from other OOH advertising budgets, we see DOOH as an emerging channel that is building a reputation for driving results, and is bringing digitally-native buyers into this offline channel. The more brands see success driven by the power of DOOH, the more they are willing to invest. Ultimately, our aim is to grow the overall pie by helping net-new revenue funnel into the industry.


LT: Factual is thrilled to partner with Vistar Media! Anything exciting brewing for Vistar and Factual?

MS: We are certainly excited to be able to combine our technology. Vistar is the expert in geospatial technology, bridging the gap between DOOH and consumer movement patterns. Being able to merge that with Factual’s deep experience in defining audiences, as well as the impact of campaigns on those audiences, is tremendous and will help us to better serve our clients. Additionally, the way Factual thinks about location data and its value is very similar to Vistar’s mindset, so the demographic and behavioral audiences from Factual are a great complement to Vistar’s existing Curated Audiences.

As far as what’s on the horizon – we have quite a few interesting projects in the works, but I think I’ll have to stay tight lipped about those… for now!


LT: Lastly, any predictions for DOOH in 2019?

MS: In 2019, we expect to see marketers and brands to expand their creative approach to digital out-of-home. We’ll see more design assets custom made for DOOH and even for specific contextual environments. As agencies are willing to take more risks with the format, I also anticipate seeing more video and dynamic content making its way to DOOH. And much like 2018, we think DOOH will continue to grow exponentially as we move into 2019 and beyond!

Thank you, Matthew Schuster, for your insightful take on our questions. We look forward to our continued partnership with Vistar Media in 2019 and beyond. 

Vistar Media is a geospatial technology company bridging the space between advertising ecosystems and consumer movement patterns. Since 2012, Vistar has been dedicated to building the end-to-end programmatic ecosystem for digital out-of-home (DOOH). Vistar’s aim is to enhance every transaction in the physical world with data and measurement while also automating the workflow the same way other digital channels have been transformed.