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Princeton Startup Weekend 2011 Contest

Factual is sponsoring this weekend’s Princeton Startup Weekend. If you’re not familiar with Startup Weekend, learn about it on their site. The details for this weekend’s event:

November 11-13, 2011
Friend Center for Engineering Education
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Factual is hosting a contest and awarding $500 to the team that demonstrates the best use of our US Places or US Restaurants data.

Contest Details


You team will be eligible for the contest if:

  1. Your contest form is submitted by 6:00 PM on Sunday, November 13th
  2. Your project uses Factual’s US Places or Restaurants data.


The winning team will be awarded $500 in Amazon gift certificates.


We will judge entries based on the following criteria

  • Creativity
  • Uniqueness
  • Usefulness
  • Design
  • Maturity of prototype (we will judge a functional prototype higher than a slide deck)
  • A few things we’re looking for: crowdsourcing, data visualization, data aggregation (combining several sources into a single dataset), creation of valuable new datasets or adding value to existing ones


Got questions? Technical questions can be directed to our developer group. For all other questions, contact us.

Getting Started with Factual

  1. Take a look at our US Places and US Restaurants (Beta) datasets.
  2. Obtain a developer key (Leo from Factual will be present all weekend to support and issue beta developer keys).
  3. Visit Factual’s API docs to get acquainted with our API. Create custom views of the data inside our console and generate custom API queries clicking the orange “Get API Query” button.
  4. If you program in Clojure, check out our Clojure SDK. If you program in Java, check out our (beta) Java SDK.
  5. Explore our other Place APIs: Crosswalk, Crossref, and Resolve.