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Relaunching the Geopulse API as Geopulse Context

In May 2012, we launched the Geopulse API product to help developers understand the demographic and commercial context of any point on the earth.  Over the past year we have learned from our users what is important to them in a contextual platform, and how they use it to personalize a mobile experience.

Today, we are announcing a major relaunch of our Geopulse product, as well as a name change to Geopulse Context to reference more explicitly the (wait for it) contextual nature of the platform.  Over the next few months we will be rolling out other mobile products under the broader Geopulse moniker.

As part of the today’s new Geopulse Context rollout, we’ve beefed up the demographic data in the US census available through the service, including:

  • Population density score
  • Total square meters of the block group
  • Total population by block group
  • Count of housing units in the block group
  • Level of education by sex
  • Median household income
  • Race and ethnicity

We’ve also juiced the commercial metrics returned by the service including:

  • The containing metro area (or MSA in the US)
  • The relative proportion of business to residential addresses
  • Factual Commercial Density: the relative density of businesses near a location
  • Factual Commercial Profile: the types of businesses near a location

Basically we have designed this to be a true point-in, data-out service, created explicitly for audience building and contextual personalization.

We also announced today a partnership with Millennial Media, which is using Geopulse Context and Global Places to enhance the relevance and personalization of their mobile ad targeting for publishers and advertisers.

We look forward to working with additional developers, publishers, and advertisers to understand their users better through the demographic and commercial characteristics we provide.  As always, we appreciate your feedback.

-Tyler Bell
Contextually Factual