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Super Bowl LIII Insights: The Battle of the QSRs

Wendy’s, the QSR chain known for trolling its competitors, arguably “won” Super Bowl LII in 2018 in terms of fast food marketing, with an ad aimed directly at McDonald’s frozen beef patties. Wendy’s was also the largest, most nationally distributed fast food restaurant to purchase a spot during the Big Game. With 30-second spots running around $5 million each, a Super Bowl spot is a big investment, and in Wendy’s case, it seems to have paid off. Our footfall data showed that Wendy’s saw 84 percent more store visits than the industry average on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 4, 2018) in the U.S.

This year, Burger King is poised to be the Big Game QSR winner, having teased the ad it will run on Sunday. Wendy’s, meanwhile, hasn’t announced plans to air a spot. Will BK see the same impact on foot traffic to its restaurants after the game? Or, will store visits actually decrease, as the chain is promoting its delivery options in partnership with DoorDash? Only time will tell…

Ahead of the game, we looked at footfall to Wendy’s and Burger King locations in the Atlanta region, where the game will be played, to see how each restaurant might fare during the upcoming Super Bowl season.

Locally, Wendy’s seems to fare better, with 106 percent more visits than the industry average, compared to Burger King’s 58 percent. Nationally, though, Burger King comes out on top, with 147 percent more visits than the industry average, compared to Wendy’s 84 percent.*

It remains to be seen who will win, on the field and in the battle of the QSRs, but Factual data is available to measure each chains’ success. If you’re interested in learning more about Factual data and how we might help you measure the real-world impact of your campaign, contact us here.

*We examined aggregated, normalized data from June 2018 to see foot traffic during a normal month without holidays or other outliers.