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Super Bowl Showdown: Fan Food Favorites

The 2019 Super Bowl averaged over 98 million viewers and was the highest rated program of the year. That’s a lot of attention on just a handful of brands, so you can understand why marketers spent about $336 million during last year’s game.

While we can’t predict this year’s viewership and advertising numbers, we can be sure of one thing: Chiefs fans and 49ers fans will be tuned in the entire time — and they’ll be munching on some of America’s favorite game day eats while they cheer their teams on.

Using data from Factual’s Observation Graph, we took a look at how fans of each team compare when it comes to these fast food favorites. Local specialties aside, are there any brands that are more beloved by Chiefs fans? By 49ers fans? Perhaps most importantly, how should these brands personalize their campaigns so they can reach the right fan with the right message leading up to, during, and after Super Bowl Sunday?

“Fans” are defined as devices observed at least twice at a team’s home stadium during the 2019-2020 footfall season.

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