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Super Bowl, Super Insights

The Super Bowl is every brand marketer’s holy grail — it’s one of the few remaining events that draws a large live audience, and many tune in for the advertisements as much as they do the game. In less than four hours, the Super Bowl will capture about 2.5% of broadcast network advertising spend for 2018.

Brands spending $5 million or more on a 30-second spot in the Big Game want to make sure they see a return on that massive investment, and leveraging location data is one way to measure results. Marketers can gain interesting consumer insights and better understand how they behave in the real world, which translates into actionable targeting strategies. 

Using data from Factual’s Observation Graph, which indexes the behavior of more than 280 million people around the globe, we looked at fans of each of the two Super Bowl teams* to explore the points of interest they visit. We also looked at some of last year’s Super Bowl advertisers to see how they fared after airing a spot. Below is what we found.

To reinforce and amplify a brand’s Super Bowl investment, marketers and agencies can also tap into Factual’s high-quality location-based targeting to reach football enthusiasts before, during and after the Big Game. Check out our last-minute Super Bowl targeting ideas, too!

To learn more about Factual location data and how to integrate it into your digital campaigns, contact us here.

*We defined “fans” as people observed at a team’s stadium during home games and also from the team’s home state/area, during the 2017-2018 season.

Tap into Factual’s high-quality location based targeting to reach football enthusiasts before, during, and after the Big Game.

  • Target people at Super Bowl LII – Reach consumers in real time on February 4, 2018, as this year’s Super Bowl is being held at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, or target people at hotels and sports bars around the event.
  • Target Super Bowl LI Fans – Reach consumers who attended the 2017 Super Bowl or a sports bar during the day of the game.
  • Target NFL Enthusiasts – Reach consumers who have visited an NFL stadium during the football season.
  • Target Sports Bar Visitors – Reach consumers who visited a sports bar during the NFL season.
  • Target Live Sports Fans – Reach consumers who frequently attend large-scale sporting venues, such as Oracle Arena, Madison Square Garden, The Staples Center, Wrigley Field, and more.