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Thinking in Clojure for Java Programmers (Part 1 — A Gentle Intro)

We do a lot of Java work at Factual. Most of our back-end data store is written in Java, and we use a ton of Java libraries and frameworks. We recently began experimenting with Clojure in certain parts of our data store. Clojure is a Lisp implementation that runs on the JVM and offers excellent Java...

Factual Launching Clojure Meetup

This Thursday (9/16), Factual will be launching a Clojure meetup here at our Los Angeles office. Clojure is a relatively new Java-based programming language, and is quickly gaining traction within the developer community. Anyone with an interest in Clojure is welcome to attend, but the meetup will be specifically targeted to programmers interested in using Clojure....